Zero's Marshtomp (Japanese: ゼロ ミヌマクロー Zero's Numacraw) is the starter Pokemon Zero acquired from Prof. Birch in Litteroot Town. He first appeared in A Rival or Friend?! as a Mudkip.


As a MudkipEdit

When Prof. Birch was attacked by a group of Poochyena, Zero picked out a Pokeball and sent Mudkip out instead. He managed to obey Zero's every word and defeats them with a powerful blast of water alongside Chad's Torchic's Ember, saving the professor whom allows Zero to keep him.

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

Known MovesEdit

Moves First Used In
Hydro Pump + A Rival or Friend?!
Tackle The Bandit of Oldale Town!
Water Gun + The Bandit of Oldale Town!
Rock Smash + Unknown
Mud Shot + Unknown

Moves ImprovisedEdit

  • Hydro Pump-Mud Storm: Marshtomp uses a combination between Hydro Pump and Mud Shot, creating a large sludge of mud to crush the opponent.


  • Marshtomp is the only Pokemon to know a move it can learn through breeding.

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