Zero Rald (Japanese: ゼロエ'ラルド  Zero Rald) is the main protagonist of the Pokémon Emerald Adventure! series. He appears as a trainer from the Johto region, but without any memories from his past. Zero is also an expert Pokemon Trainer due to his fierce training and likes to battle for the fun of it.

His first Pokemon were Pidgeotto and Growlithe; his starter Pokemon was a Mudkip that he recieved from Prof. Birch in Litteroot Town.


Zero first appears where he wakes up in Litteroot Town via moving truck.


Zero is a fierce and brave character who likes to battle for fun. He believes that Pokemon should be friends and claims them as a family to him.


On HandEdit

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Zero Pidgeotto


Pidgeotto is one of Zero's main Pokemon that he is revealed to own in Enter the Mysterious Trainer: Zero!. Pidgeotto is an adamant and fierce battler who uses its strength to defeat many opponents with ease. Pidgeotto is also very loyal to its trainer.

Pidgeotto's known moves are Quick Attack, Sand-Attack, Wing Attack, Featherdance, and Aerial Ace, and its Ability is Keen Eye.

Zero Marshtomp

Mudkip > Marshtomp

Main Article: Zero's Marshtomp

Marshtomp is the starter Pokemon Zero obtained from Prof. Birch in Litteroot Town as a Mudkip. When he picked a Pokemon in Professor Birch's bag, he instead chose the Mud Fish Pokemon. In battle, Marshtomp is shown to be powerful when it comes to offense and always keeps its guard up.

Zero Growlithe(2)


Growlithe is one of Zero's main Pokemon that he is revealed to own in Enter the Mysterious Trainer: Zero!. Growlithe is a friendly Pokemon who is extremely loyal to its trainer much like Pidgeotto. In battle, Growlithe uses its blazing speed abilities to defeat its opponents.

Growlithe's known moves are Take Down, Flame Wheel, Bite, and Flamethrower.

Zero Makuhita


Makuhita is the fourth Pokemon Zero caught in the Hoenn region. While exploring the Dewford Cave, he encountered this Pokemon while searching for Steven Stone's mineral stone. Makuhita likes to extend its body and block attacks using its iron-wall body for defensive purposes.

Makuhita's known moves are Focus Energy, Sand-Attack, Arm Thrust, and Vital Throw, and its Ability is Thick Fat.

Gym BadgesEdit

Hoenn LeagueEdit

Gym Leaders DefeatedEdit

  • Roxie in ES009
  • Brawly in ?????


  • Zero's last name is short for Emerald, which is the same name as the third Generation III game.

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