Chad Stone (Japanese: 智耶努'・'ダイゴ Chad Tsuwabuki) is a main character who appears in the Pokémon Emerald Adventures! series. He is Zero's main rival and owns a Torchic.


Chad first appears in A Friend or Rival?! where he encounters Zero during his visit in Litteroot Town. When the Poochyena attack Prof. Birch, he teams up with Zero and sends his Torchic to help. Together, they manage to defeat the three and save the professor. Chad then sees Zero as a strong trainer but rather has him as a rival than a friend, so the two start their seperate journeys.

Chad reappears in Lombre Luxury! where he reveals that he is the nephew of Steven Stone, the former Champion of the Hoenn League. He also tells him that the Gym Leader uses Rock-types and reveals that he had already earned the Stone Badge, confirmed that he had defeated her and leaves.


Chad is a calm and serious Pokemon Trainer who has a bitter and stubborn attitude.


Photo Information

Chad Combusken (2)

Torchic > Combusken

Main Article: Chad's Combusken

Combusken is Chad's main Pokemon that he has raised as a Torchic during childhood. Combusken is a strong-minded Pokemon who shares the same traits as its trainer, except for the fact that it sometimes acts soft when it loses to an opponent. It also likes to burn its opponent's trainer after a battle or some unknown reason.

Chad Aron


Aron is the second Pokemon Chad is revealed to have. The Iron Armor is known to attack by bashing its head into the opponent without hesitation. It is also known to be gluttonous and eats a lot of minerals like rocks and metal.

Lairon's known moves are Protect, Iron Defense, Take Down, and Metal Claw, and its Ability is Rock Head.

Chad Nuzleaf

Seedot > Nuzleaf

Nuzleaf is the third Pokemon Chad is revealed to have. He reveals that he caught it as a Seedot and later evolved it prior to his Gym battle with Roxanne where he easily defeats her and earns his Stone Badge. Nuzleaf has speedy reflexes and is a defiant opponent against many opponents.

Nuzleaf's known moves are Pound, Bullet Seed, Nature Power, and Razor Leaf, and its Ability is Chlorophyll.

Badges ObtainedEdit

Unova LeagueEdit

  • Stone Badge (Obtained prior to ES007)
  • Knuckle Badge (Obtained prior to Unknown)


  • Chad is the only rival to be related to a famous Pokemon Champion.

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